ASSE Foundation Silent Auction 2013


The Foundation's 2013 Silent Auction -
The Most Fun You'll Ever Have Being Quiet

Most people don't expect to visit Vegas and return with more than when they left. In fact, the opposite tends to be the case. This time, however, the odds are in your favor with the Foundation's 19th Annual Silent Auction! Enjoy bidding knowing that no matter what happens, nobody comes out at a loss.

This year the Foundation will take its silent auction to a new level with the use of Handbid, an auction bidding app for both Android and iPhone smartphones. You will be able to view the vast selection of items donated from across the country, bid on items in real time, and perhaps engage in some friendly competition over the best Las Vegas takeaway, all from the comfort of the phone in your pocket!

We don't expect you to spend all your time in Las Vegas at our auction booth, so take our auction with you wherever you go. You'll be able to check up on your bids from anywhere – in your hotel, out at lunch, or enjoying a show – and even submit proxy bids if you'd rather "bid and forget." The flexibility is limitless and the winning bid is literally in the palm of your hand.

Better yet, the auction is open to everyone across the globe! With the Handbid app anyone and everyone will be able to view the auction's multitude of apparel, books, gift cards, hotel stays, and more starting June 11, allowing plenty of time to check out the selection before bidding begins on June 18. And not to worry for those Safety 2013 visitors without smartphones. You can also bid on your laptop or tablet, or, visit the Foundation's booth where we'll have iPads for your use.

Get your smartphones ready! Download the Handbid app from either Google Play or the iPhone App Store and prepare your bidding thumb for a week of winning at the Foundation's 2013 silent auction. Make sure to stop by the Foundation's auction at booth #937 at Safety 2013 – it's guaranteed to be the most fun you'll have being quiet!

Get Started with Handbid

Once you’re in, watch this video for how to bid!