Jessica Morales is on the fast-track in her EHS career at ABB Inc.! She relies on ASSE's Professional Development Conference to stay ahead of the curve - and to research cutting-edge practices that she can take back to her job and utilize immediately. We spent some time talking with Jessica about her experiences at last year's Conference, and here's what she shared with us...

Tell us ONE thing you learned at last year's conference that you can take back to the office?

"There was a great session I attended on ergonomics that provided a whole new perspective to me. I was able to go back to my workplace and view how our ergonomics injuries may be caused, and what could be done to prevent future injuries. The session gave me valuable best practices I could share with the rest of employees in my workplace."

What aspect of Safety 2013 are you most looking forward to?

"I always look forward to the Keynote Speaker. ASSE does a great job of expanding the professional development within environmental, health and safety & relating topics that go beyond the ordinary safety discussion."


What's your best advice to a new attendee?

"Make sure you plan well in advance and thoroughly read the schedule! The PDC can seem a bit overwhelming for the first time so make sure to read up and not miss anything. There are so many opportunities - so take advantage!"

If you could have coffee with one speaker at the conference, who would it be and why?

"If I could have coffee with one speaker at the conference, it would be with one of the Executive Summit leaders. I would like to 'pick their brain' a bit and ask some in depth questions to see what further insights they could provide on safety in the business."

If another attendee recognizes you at the conference because of this post, I hope he or she...

"Says "Hello!" It is always nice to meet another EHS professional. One of the major benefits of the PDC is networking with others!"