Amanda Crosby is a young professional in the EHS world and enjoying her career at IHG. She relies on ASSE's Professional Development Conference year after year for reliable, informative and thought-provoking training to continually expand her knowledge and expertise. We spent some time talking with Amanda about her approach to networking with others in the EHS business, and her experiences at last year's Conference. Here's what she shared with us...

Tell us ONE thing you learned at last year's conference that you can take back to the office?

"Last year I was struggling with how to remain a "safety" professional in my new role within Insurance and Claims. I found the Risk Management Practice Specialty session to be particularly interesting as I was able to meet other attendees who successfully navigate both worlds. "

What aspect of Safety 2013 are you most looking forward to?

"Like everyone else, I enjoy the networking opportunities, interesting sessions and amazing trade show vendors. However, the best part is being surrounded by others who have dedicated their careers to safety. I find that I feel very revitalized and refocused professionally after ASSE."


What's your best advice to a new attendee?

"To introduce yourself to as many people as possible and to make sure you connect afterwards. LinkedIn makes this easy and efficient. You never know who might be your next hiring manager for your dream job, superstar employee, or perfect contractor/vendor for a complex project."

Why should your peers attend Safety 2013?

"YOU are the most important person you should invest in! Safety 2013 is the premier event for professionals within the field to enjoy education, networking and a lot of fun."

If another attendee recognizes you at the conference because of this post, I hope he or she...

"Says hello! Even if we are in completely unrelated industries, it's surprising what you can learn about safety and risk in a five minute conversation. "